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Our memory care program is specifically designed to promote the safety and wellbeing of our residents with Alzheimer’s disease, memory impairment, and age-related dementia. Spring Creek Healthcare Center offers a warm and loving atmosphere in which your loved one can thrive with dignity and grace.

Well-trained caregivers are selected for their skill, patience, and compassion, and are attuned to the unique needs of this population. To safeguard the physical and emotional health of our residents, our continuum of care includes cognitive therapy, behavioral management, medication management, and geriatric psychology services.

Our engagement-based programming includes:

– Structured Activities: A schedule is very comforting to those with memory issues. They come to predict the day even when they don’t know where they are.

– Reminiscence Therapy: Focusing on good memories from the past brings memory patients comfort and joy, just as it does everyone. With reminiscence therapy, memory patients don’t need to avoid their past.

– Gardening: The joy of watching something grow is comforting for many Alzheimer’s patients, even if they weren’t gardeners at home.

– Art & Music Therapy: Music and art can be enjoyable, stimulating and relaxing for anyone, including memory patients.

– Aromatherapy: Scent can be highly therapeutic. Smells are deeply connected to memory and can help comfort Alzheimer’s patients for that reason.

– Pet Therapy: Dogs, cats, and other pets are interesting, comforting and emotionally rewarding for seniors to interact with.

– Intergenerational Programs: Having younger people in their lives is as enriching for seniors as it is for youth who develop connections with those who are wiser and more experienced.

– Behavioral Management: Many Alzheimer’s patients have behavior that is hard for the average person to understand. But our trained staff do understand and can therefore manage it.

– Medication Management: Few seniors can understand their full regimen of medications, and memory patients even less so. We can manage their medication to ensure they are getting the care they need.

– Geriatric Psychology Services: Therapists and psychologists are essential supports for our Alzheimer’s patients.

– Family Support: We help family members feel comfortable at our center so they can give their loved ones as much support as they can.

In too many long-term care homes, Alzheimer’s patients do not have the support that they need to thrive. They deal with staff who don’t understand them, struggle with memory episodes, and may even have environments that aren’t completely safe when they get disoriented. We believe that every Alzheimer’s patient deserves to be in a completely safe, rewarding, and comfortable environment with minimal stress-inducing triggers. We’ve designed our memory care program to provide just that.

Reach out to us with your questions about how our memory care program works and the support that it can provide your loved one.

Spring Creek Healthcare Center, 1 Lindbergh Avenue Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

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